70 % of Ford Bronco clients are new to the model

The Bronco is proving to be an extremely competitive product.

The success story of the Ford Bronco continues as the brand confirms that 70 percent of its customers are new to the Blue Oval brand. It is further found that this demographic actually differs from competing brands, positioning the American 4 × 4 as an aggressively competitive product.

Based on information from the Ford authorities, this result was after Heritage 4 × 4 190,000 reservations amassed when it was officially revealed. However, now that sales are on, we have a clear understanding that most of these numbers are conquest sales.

According to Ford Motor Company, 70 percent of Ford Bronco buyers in 2021 who have placed an order to date will be from other brands. A total of 3,277 Broncos were sold in July. 60 percent of these conquest sales will be the Ford Bronco Sport most of which were sold to previous Jeep owners.

The Ford Bronco Sport is based on the Kuga platform and serves as an entry into the Bronco range with two offered four-cylinder turbo gasoline models. Despite the unibody construction, the manufacturer promises “off-road performance at its core” and offers a solid grip on “sand, snow, mud, rocks and more”.

High-spec derivatives boast what the Blue Oval brand calls an “advanced 4 × 4 system” with a dual-clutch rear-wheel drive and differential lock. The system is able to divert practically all of the rear axle torque to both wheels.

The publication further confirms that another product that has captured the hearts of many is the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E, which also has a 70 percent capture number.

Just last month Jeep’s CEO confirmed that the Bronco is a big competitor and keeps the brand on its toes when it comes to product innovation. Products like the V8-powered Rubicon 392 and Xtreme Recon Package were thereby added to the Wrangler range.

Article written by Nikesh Kooverjee

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