A Tesla Supercharger station will quickly be operational within the Anderson Subdivision – Vernon Information

Electrifying addition

Photo: Jon Manchester

Tesla Supercharger Station in the Anderson neighborhood.

A Tesla Supercharging Station was built in the Anderson Subdivision.

The multiport fast charging station for electric cars is located in the parking lot in front of the Arc Liquor near Rona.

Last year, Tesla announced that a supercharging station would be coming to Vernon, but did not specify the location.

The electric car company already has several compressor stations in BC, including Osoyoos, Kamloops, Kelowna and Revelstoke.

A Tesla Supercharger is a 480 volt DC fast charging station built by Tesla Inc. for their all-electric cars.

The Tesla Supercharger network of fast charging stations was introduced from 2012. In October 2019, the electric vehicle network consisted of 14,658 individual supercharger stands at 1,659 locations worldwide with a further 115 locations under construction worldwide.

In collaboration with Tesla Motors, Predator Ridge offers Tesla Level 2 charging stations in the lodge’s parking lot.

Predator also offers a general charging station for electric vehicles.

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