Aston Martin DBX Hybrid, Callaway Corvette, Lordstown’s New CEO: Automobile Information Headlines

Aston Martin is working on several variants of its DBX, and the next one in the pipeline has been discovered. It is a mild hybrid variant that is believed to have the same powertrain used in the 53 series from Mercedes-Benz AMG. It debuts later that year.

Callaway has developed a number of mods for the C8 Corvette that will be showcasing this weekend at the Corvettes at Carlisle meetup in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This is only the first stage of Callaway’s tuning for the C8, but modifications have already been made to the aerodynamics, the drivetrain and the cabin.

Lordstown Motors has appointed a new CEO after his previous boss abruptly resigned in June. The new CEO has extensive automotive experience, but still has a tough job starting production of Lordstown’s Endurance electric pickup truck.

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