Audi E-Tron GT drive, Tesla vary accounting, electrical child jeep: as we speak’s automobile information

Today we drive the Audi E-Tron GT. Some Tesla owners could get money back for time if software updates limited their range. Solar and smart home energy systems are converging around electric cars. And a fully electric “baby jeep” could be in the works. This and more here at Green Car Reports.

When we drove the 2022 Audi E-Tron GT for the first time, we couldn’t resist comparing it to the Porsche Taycan. This fastest quattro ever sold offers a little more grand touring comfort than the Porsche, but neither the GT nor the RS GT offer a full driving experience for a performance car.

Tesla used its over-the-air software updates to limit the maximum amount of charge on some Model S batteries, which limited range for most of the year while they worked on a problem. This led to a lawsuit and, as of last week, a possible settlement in which Tesla will pay owners of the affected cars $ 625 each.

Of course, solar and electric cars complement each other in the home, and they are finally showing signs of convergence in the minds of automakers and energy companies. An alliance between the solar provider SunPower and the charger manufacturer Wallbox is one such example of the upcoming industry-wide smart energy integration.

An all-electric “baby jeep” could be in the works as the brand is also considering hydrogen fuel cell technology for future models, according to a report from the UK last week. This little Jeep EV could potentially be built on the STLA Small platform, one of four dedicated EV platforms recently revealed by parent company Stellantis.


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