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There I was, agonizing over what to write in my coverage of the weekly car meeting last Thursday in Port Adriano. So i guess Were there any interesting cars? Um think, think And suddenly it dawned on me, and yes, it can take a while to use that brain. I noticed that when I saw really interesting cars, I got totally smeared. I think it comes from being surrounded by them week after week.

When I check whether I’m right, I find that blasé means “unimpressed or indifferent to something because you’ve seen it so often”. Yeah, just right, I thought how sad. Does that mean I have to stop and start over? Or just kick my butt and just keep going. And don’t all put your hands up at this point.

Shiny McLaren, unmistakable

To put this bubble in perspective, looking at Gaston’s photos from last Thursday, I see that I am casually strolling around a delicious Ferrari and a very sleek McLaren. These are just a few names of supercars we’ve all heard of and wanted. Three very distinctive late model years Mustangs, one of which was more than noticeable in what they called “Grabber Orange” in the 1970s. Grabber, I wonder why?

French blue Renault Alpine in ready-to-race equipment

Then came three or four of those ridiculously cute and pretty fast Fiat Abarths. Two really “clean” Golf GTIs. GTIs used to be really nice everyday cars, today they are turning into special ones coveted classic. Incidentally, “clean” in Carspeak has nothing to do with freshly washed and polished. It refers to the originality and integrity. So it could be dirty and clean at the same time.

Later Mustang with eye-catching paintwork

That small amount would be enough to excite most car enthusiasts, but there is more. Start with a very rare and beautiful classic Renault Alpine fully prepared for racing. In this French racing blue metallic. Two Corvettes, a C2 and a C3, referring to the second and third generation of this, the longest running in the world Production car. With V8-Power, my personal favorite in the engine department, two British machines remain. A TVR chimera and a triumph stag. And last but not least, a Triumph TR7.

Two very 'clean' Golf GTIs bask in the color of the Mustang

By the way, because I’m leaving you with as many useless facts as possible, half of the cars there were V8-powered. Doesn’t mean anything special, they just sound good. Come with your interesting, classic or funny wheels on Thursday from 6 p.m. to watch and listen to. Parking in Port Adriano is free for those attending the car meeting. Back and forth for now.

TVR Chimera, another classic with a V8 drive

Meeting on Thursday is at The Blue Nest in Port Adriano Every Thursday at 6 p.m.
Inspiration from the Classic Car Club on

C3 Corvette from the long-standing third generation, 1968-1982

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Second generation C2 Corvette, 1963-1967

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