Basic vehicles are returning to Metropolis Park

GALLIPOLIS – People of all ages gathered at Gallipolis City Park over the weekend to get a taste of history in the form of cars.

Drivers from all over the region brought more than 240 vintage and collector’s vehicles to the visitors on Saturday.

After 43 years hosting the auto show, organizers say this will be the final year for the Gallipolis Car Club event as the club is disbanding.

“I hate to see it happen, but it happens,” said Dave Hively, organizer / club member. “We are currently negotiating with other organizations who are considering taking it over and starting with it. Our club will be dissolved and they will found a new club. “

Throughout the day, people of all ages came to see the show with cars filling the park, something Hively said is a piece of history shared across generations.

“It gives the younger generation an idea of ​​what we used to have and it’s an outdoor activity that a lot of people enjoy,” Hively said.

A car collector spent the day showcasing an old police cruiser, complete with a collection of officer badges and badges.

“I bring it here to honor the cops because they are so bad. I let all the kids get in and do whatever they want, ”said Glen Huber, car owner.

Exhibited around the car, viewers can see a variety of badges and patches in frames, albums and an old officer’s hat that Huber recently started to make.

“That takes about two years now. I went to the chiefs and picked them up directly from the chiefs. I get some of them on Facebook or whatever, ”said Huber.

Hively said the event was a great way to support the community while giving people something to enjoy.

“Well it gets people out there and see what other people have,” Hively said. “We raise a considerable amount of money for charities that they don’t get, like hospice and the like, they get a donation. These donations help them to survive. “

During the event, the club held multiple raffles, raffled door prizes donated by local businesses, and presented awards for the best shows in 15 vehicle categories. All proceeds will be donated.

“It’s split between local agencies – Hospice, Toys for Tots; yes the VA will get some; Veterans of Foreign War get a donation – it’s split, ”Hively said.

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Vehicles of all kinds were presented at the 43rd annual Gallipolis Car Club auto show.

Glen Huber’s police cruiser features police badges and badges that he has collected over the past two years.

During the auto show in Gallipolis City Park, unique vehicles were available to visitors to discover and get to know.

Classic cars filled Gallipolis City Park for the Gallipolis Car Club’s 43rd annual auto show.

Glen Huber, of Thornville, Ohio, allows viewers to check out the police cruiser’s functions – flashing lights, triggering sirens, trying different buttons, and more – to give them a unique experience.

Gallipolis Car Club hosts final show

Brittany Hively is a writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

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