BMW 2 Collection Gran Coupé meets Black Widow within the new promo clip

This year started on the right foot for the BMW marketing team as the Bavarian brand signed a deal with Marvel for some of their upcoming films. This deal will soon pay off as more Marvel Cinematic Universe films are released as we return to our normal lives. The first new film in the MCU is Black Widow, in which Scarlett Johansson drives a BMW, according to this latest teaser posted by the company on its US YouTube channel.

It looks like the weapon of choice in this new movie will be the 2 Series Gran Coupe if we are to judge the action from the footage below. The car will definitely appear in the film, but we’ll have to wait and see how much of its on-screen presence is shared with the character played by Johansson. The footage below is heavily edited and shows the 2 Series Gran Coupe on an empty bridge, but there’s literally only a second that we see the Black Widow behind the wheel of a BMW.

Still, the film will hold many answers for us. If you can remember past films, don’t expect too many shots with the blue and white rondel. Back in the day, Audi models rarely appeared in older Marvel films, either to promote some kind of concept or just to show off. Chances are that the approach to cars and their importance in the overall concept of things won’t change.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters on July 9th and on Disney Plus. It focuses on Natasha Romanov (Johannsson’s) journey during the events between the Civil War and Infinity War.

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