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In the eyes of most consumers, there is nothing like a convertible.

Whether on a hot summer day or just on a cool autumn afternoon, it works for most occasions. In my opinion, the BMW M440i is the perfect Snowbird car. Do you say snow bird? Yes, a retiree who lives six months in the north and six months in the south. This means that the use of a convertible is now a reality all year round.

BMW, known for upscale luxury in every market, has its eye on price with its redesigned M440i 2021. The 4 Series gives you extremely long legroom for drivers in the front row, while the rear seats are small and unused. With the canvas-like canopy, we notice a quick retractable movement while it is effortless and either parked or at a slower speed.

In the last few tests we saw the M3, the ultra-sporty sedan from BMW with a lot of power. We notice similar sporty traits with the M440i, but with a slightly slower zero-to-60 time that comes flat at 5 seconds, which is very admirable. The M TwinTurbo in-line six-cylinder with 382 hp has a new 48-volt mild hybrid technology that provides additional up and down movement.

That new large kidney-style front grille is present on the M440i and we were skeptical at first, but the overall BMW look still shows up and with that we’re a fan. With the growing popularity of stylish items like the grille, we’re also noticing big brakes , Brake discs and calipers. These items are gorgeous, extraordinary, and perfect for the M440i convertible.

In terms of the interior, we recognize the ultra-fashionable interior in Canberra beige with black accents and the popular aluminum tetragon interior trim. The standard BMW infotainment system is designed to be easy to use. The touchscreen was sharp, the navigation was accurate and the overall experience inside was very good. The Executive Package was included with our tester and a heated steering wheel, heated front seats, ambient lighting, Icon Adaptive LED headlights, heads-up display, and Live Cockpit Pro were added for $ 3,700. Not only do we believe BMW figured it out in the cabin area, but this also confirms their mantra of the ultimate driving experience.

Overall, I’ve lived in Florida for over 20 years and love the Florida experience with a convertible in the stable. But when it comes to BMW and the Florida experience, that’s the definition of driving in style and certainly a lifestyle you will enjoy.

BMW M440i

RRP: $ 64,000

As tested: $ 73,120

MPG: 23 city, 31 motorway, 28.0 as tested

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