BMW plans probably the most ridiculous A2 suitable motorbike …

THE A2 motorcycle sector is an extremely competitive and lucrative field. In the UK and Europe, brands are demanding to get their detuned versions of their bigger, faster, and sexier models into the hands of avid A2 licensees. So far, however, we haven’t seen many A2 Cruisers that hold nearly two liters – although BMW could change all that.

If the reports are true, and we think they are, these crazy Germans are working on an A2-compatible version of their gigantic R18 cruiser and putting one of the longest, lowest, and shinest retro motorcycles right in the hands of A2 licensees!

The news is pretty surprising, after all, we only talked about a year ago about Beemer launching a smaller, lighter and easier-to-use R18. Instead, the 91 hp 1,800 cc boxer twin will receive a specific 47 hp model.

On the subject of matching items

While opening up the world of the R18 to newer, potentially less experienced, drivers seems like a great idea, there are a few things that could be causing a problem. First, the R18 costs £ 18,995 as standard. For £ 6,000 less you can get the lighter, easier to ride and also A2 compliant Harley-Davidson Softail Standard and go crazy with the accessories. It’s just as authentic to drive better for new and aspiring riders and more engaging.

Is the BMW R18 A2 coming to the UK?

The bike was first reported by the prestigious French website Le Repaire Des Motards, which claims the bike should hit the market in October – we’re forecasting 2021. With the UK having a thriving A2 market, we would be surprised if it didn’t get yourself dumped here – though we doubt you’ll spot many on the streets along the way.

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