Classic UK: High Gear Richard Hammond urges drivers to purchase now as costs rise

He replied to Adil Ray, the host of Good Morning Britain, who said he was dying to get a classic Mercedes. He added that he was surprised that classics weren’t as expensive to buy as he first thought, as some were available for as little as £ 10,000.

The Hereford-based team has helped refurbish a number of Hammond’s own classics over the years, including its Jaguar XK150.

The new company will debut this weekend at the London Classic Car Show in Syon Park.

Hammond said the new company is about giving back to the auto community.

Many experts also demand that drivers should stock up on vintage cars as soon as possible when their values ​​rise.

Car and Classic experts added that even cars around 25 years old “work like classics” from a price point of view.

They added models like the Nissan Skyline and Toyota Corolla, which are perfect examples of cars that are “devalued”.

Instead, they warned that the prices of these models are “rising very quickly”.

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