Cool automobile: 2021 Volkswagen ID.4

(WHTM) – The styling is pretty conventional, but this Volkswagen is 100% electric. The ID.4 is a four-door rear-wheel drive. An all-wheel drive version comes later.

This “first” model consists of three equipment variants and includes special wheels and a trailer hitch. The EPA says the range is 250 miles and I think that’s realistic with a light right foot. Plugging into a traditional 110-volt outlet adds about 50 more miles overnight, so some owners don’t need a 240-volt outlet to fully charge them overnight.

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Some electric vehicles have storage space at the front, but there is none in the ID.4. That’s fine, because there’s a lot of cargo space under the tailgate.

While the exterior design is conventional, the interior design is certainly not. It all starts with a column-mounted screen that adapts directly to the steering wheel. There isn’t a single dashboard button. Most of the functions come through a central touchscreen, which is very fussy, but you will notice it after a few days.

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Here’s one feature that I thought was pretty cool. You can design the center console as you wish. If you’d rather have cup holders on the front, you can move them off the center. Move the dividers back and then move the cup holders all the way to the front. Row two rooms is excellent.

With 201 hp, the ID.4 doesn’t feel as fast as other electric cars I’ve driven. In fact, it drives pretty much like a gasoline engine car of similar size. For the VW ID.4 2021, I would first like to say thumbs up for a good range, a spacious interior and a smooth ride. Thumbs down to the confusing video screen. The tested sticker on the ID.4 costs a little more than $ 45,000.

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