E10 gas change: New petrol may “degrade” traditional automobiles and “dry out” rubber seals

YouTube Mechanic, Lights Up Lights Down says the new gasoline “cracks” and “causes old seals to behave brittle”. They stated that this was due to the properties of ethanol, which is known to damage rubber and metal.

He said: This already happens to gasoline alone because it is already an aggressive chemical and material.

“What you have to do is no more than what you are already doing to maintain your fuel system.”

Ollie also warned that corrosion rates on cars would not be as bad as others had claimed.

He said corrosion rates for cars powered by E40 and E60 fuel are minuscule, which means E10 should be fine for ordinary drivers.

They warned drivers who refuel with the wrong fuel could see seals, plastics and metals on their vehicle damaged.

The RAC said this was more pronounced because of the “corrosive properties” of bioethanol over longer periods of time.

They affirmed that owners of cars registered before 2002 should not use E10 fuel in their vehicles as problems have been reported by owners of older cars.

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