Electrical automobile infrastructure receives a brand new bipartisan US $ 15 billion proposal, with a brand new EV low cost to comply with later

Electric vehicle infrastructure is receiving $ 15 billion in US government funding in a new bipartisan proposal. It’s less than originally planned, but it’s still a decent amount.

Some EV critics are already suggesting that the proposed $ 10,000 EV discount be left behind, but it’s apparently still in the game.

Earlier this year, Biden proposed a $ 174 billion investment in electric vehicles as part of a new infrastructure plan.

It was expected that the actual bill would not be so generous after going through the legislative process.

Now a bipartisan group in the US Senate has created a new framework for the infrastructure law, which now includes 15 billion US dollars for EV infrastructure. The chances are good that it will go through in the Senate.

Here is the new framework reportedly supported by the Senate and White House:

It shows $ 7.5 billion for “EV infrastructure,” which will include funding to provide charging stations, and another $ 7.5 billion for electric buses and mass transit vehicles.

However, the largest proposed new investment in electric vehicles was federal tax credit reform.

The fact that it is not mentioned in the framework has led some people to believe that it is no longer considered, but the situation is a little more complicated.

The current federal incentive for electric vehicles is part of the tax laws. Reform should address this directly, and several bills have already been proposed for this purpose.

The Democrats have confirmed that they will continue to seek reform of the EV rebate.

The latest plan was the new Clean Energy for America Bill, passed by the Senate Finance Committee, which provides discounts of up to $ 12,500 on new all-electric vehicles.

It would remove the limit of 200,000 deliveries in the US per manufacturer and instead trigger a three-year phase-out period in which electric cars achieve a market share of 50% of new vehicle sales in the US.

This is far more ambitious than any previous EV incentive program in the US.

It may not be the final form of EV incentive reform, but lawmakers are still trying to get a new discount off by the end of the year.

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