Floating Motors needs to “let oldtimers relaxation”

A company called Floating Motors wants to reinvent classic automotive design for the high seas. The company plans to build a range of boats that look like vintage cars for what it calls “Resto Floating”.

Floating Motors was first discovered by Motor1 on Thursday and has shown water versions of the Jaguar E-Type, the Porsche 550 Spyder, the Volkswagen Microbus and the original Fiat 500 and Mini. The VW is even configured as a kind of cabin cruiser, with a large tailgate and upper deck.

The car-like shapes are combined with hulls ranging from 9.8 feet to 24.6 feet, with three possible configurations – conventional, catamaran and foil. Power is supplied by electric outboard motors with an output of 40-240 hp, depending on the model.

Floating engines

Floating Motors has only shown renderings so far, so it’s unclear whether the company plans to source original vehicles for its seaworthy restomods or build facsimiles. It’s also unclear when the first boats will hit the water.

Floating Motors is a joint venture between the Italian watercraft manufacturer Jet Capsule and the Lazzarini Design Studio. As Motor1 notes, it took Jet Capsule a while to get going. The idea for the company first circulated in 2010 (pun intended), but Jet Capsule didn’t ship its first ship until 2016.

It’s also worth noting that the concepts of Floating Motors are boats that look like cars, rather than amphibious vehicles. We know of a UK manufacturer who attached a Lamborghini Countach-like body to an amphibious vehicle hull in 2016, and several other companies have tried to market amphibious vehicles over the years. Conversely, the unique Hydrocar is an amphibious road vehicle that looks more like a stranded speedboat than any car.

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