Floating Motors needs to show classic vehicles into luxurious boats

“A Volkswagen station wagon … boat? Is that from a Hollywood action film or something? “

Surprisingly, it isn’t. The floating VW pictured above is a concept of Floating engines, a company that wants to convert vintage cars into watercraft. You can find more designs of other converted Mini and Porsche classics on his website. It’s not your typical restomod to say the least. In fact, the company is calling this new thing “resto-floating”.

This is how the company describes it: “Similar to Restomod, we respect the proportions and sizes of the original car model, use the most modern nautical techniques for the floating hull (catamaran, conventional or foil) and deliver an exceptional quality in the construction materials and technology used the longest durability under rough conditions. “


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The concepts don’t reveal much yet, but they look damn cool. We doubt they’re as extravagant as expensive yachts – they’re the same size as regular cars – but we believe they’re just as comfortable, if not more.

This project is still in the crowdfunding phase, so the specifications of all models are still rare. However, Floating Motors has indicated that its vehicles can be further customized to meet specific needs. The double-hull or foil configurations are also available in a variety of sizes, from just three meters up to 7.5 meters in length, and offer both standard and electric motors.


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Honestly, this seems like a bit of a novelty. That means we wouldn’t mind seeing something like this and trying it out for ourselves. What do you think of that, reader?

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