Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus will die in 2023

Last summer there were two separate reports that Ford killed the next-generation Edge for 2023, leading to the death of the Lincoln Nautilus in 2024 as the Lincoln is based on the Ford. As part of its future product round-up, Automotive News examined the future of a number of Ford Motor Company’s products and reported that Edge and Nautilus will both die in 2023. Two-row crossovers in the lineup with the arrival of the hugely popular Bronco line and a three-row Explorer, which is currently only $ 175 more expensive.

The Nautilus could get a second act, however. When Ford reached an agreement with the Canadian union Unifor about the Oakville Assembly Plant, which will build the Edge and Nautilus, the automaker promised to turn Oakville into an EV manufacturing facility. Lincoln is big on battery electric vehicles in the near future, Unifor mentions Oakville product plans to have at least one electric vehicle off the assembly line by 2025 and four more by 2028. According to Automotive News, Lincoln has a small crossover and a midsize crossover due in 2025, and the little one could be from Canada and fit into the space that the late Nautilus left empty, maybe bearing the name, maybe not.

The Ford Explorer and its platform partner Lincoln Aviator will soon be welcoming two battery-electric cousins ​​to the family. Both are likely to debut in 2022 and launch in 2023, the Ford produced in Cuautitlan, Mexico, where the Mustang Mach-E is now being built. It is not yet clear which platform they will be driving on. Ford has four dedicated EV architectures planned for the company: GE2, the evolution of the Mach-E’s GE1 platform; TE1 for trucks, from 2025; the Rivian platform, which will be contributed by a special Ford vehicle; and a version of Volkswagen’s MEB platform for European offerings, with Ford planning to have an all-EV range across the Atlantic by 2030. The Explorer and Aviator EVs could get the GE2, or if Ford wants to showcase extra sturdy chops for both, the TE1.

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