Ford teases DIY fans with its electrical field motor

Last month we reported that Ford had 70,000 nearly finished cars waiting for chips. The automaker can’t do much to address the global chip shortage, but it can be trusted to make good engines. As cars go electric, Ford gave us our first look at its electric box motor on Twitter.

Electric vehicles are definitely the greener option when you are looking to buy a new car. While the Rimac Nevera promises performance and Tesla cars are all about range and comfort for the family, it’s difficult to give up your beloved car after it has served you so well over the years. If you’re a little bit adventurous, in the near future you can easily swap out your internal combustion engine for an electric from Ford.

If you’re still really hooked on the gas-powered engines, Ford also offers a twin-turbo version of its V8 Godzilla. But we would definitely recommend waiting until this fall when Ford’s electric box motor is showcased at SEMA. Ford calls the engine Eluminator. In its teaser tweets, the company didn’t reveal much other than a few computer-aided design images. But that’s enough to determine how big the engine is. At ~ 22 inches (570mm) in length, the engine could fit virtually any car, so your beloved car could be any model or make and still be ready for an electrifying change.

The good thing is that Ford Performance supports your shift too. So you don’t have to worry about spending hours changing your drive. There remains a smaller question about the battery. Do you have to buy this or does Ford supply this too? We don’t know much about it yet, but November is not far to wait. The tweet also said the engine will be available this fall, so it’s likely battery backup will be sorted for this one too.

Come in November, if you are not really satisfied with this, you can always opt for the eCrate from Chevrolet. Either way, there are now ways to drive your car electric beyond just buying an entire car.

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