ICC Approves Ameren Electrical Car Charging Tariff

COLLINSVILLE – The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has approved Ameren Illinois electric vehicle charging plan.

The tariff is designed to support the introduction of electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations in central and southern Illinois, and accelerate progress on the state’s green energy goals.

The tariff, submitted in August 2020, enables Ameren Illinois to help build a charging infrastructure network and implement special time-based delivery service tariffs and other incentives to encourage greater adoption of electric vehicles.

Richard Mark, chairman and president of Ameren Illinois, said there are fewer than 60 public charging points in Ameren Illinois’ 44,000 square mile service area.

“A common barrier that people identify when considering electric vehicle ownership is fear of range, worry that a charging station will not be available during long road trips,” he said. “This tariff will help address this problem by offering tariff incentives and additional line extension allowances that improve access to charging infrastructure at home and on the go.

“The plan also provides additional additional charges for extending lines for charging station installations serving customers in low-income areas to support electric transportation for those customers,” he said.

The Ameren Illinois EV charging program consists of six components:

• Charging for single family homes. Includes a special delivery service tariff to encourage home recharging during off-peak hours.

• Multi-family store. Designed to encourage electric vehicle ownership among residents of apartment buildings while also giving those residents the ability to charge at home. Also offers a special delivery service tariff and additional line extension fee for property owners installing charging facilities in their properties, with additional permissions for installations in low income areas.

• Educational Fees. Offers special delivery service tariffs and incentives for electric school bus operators. Will support clean transportation for school children in the Ameren Illinois area.

• Fees for transit facilities. Offers special delivery service tariffs and incentives for customers who operate public electric buses. Will support Ameren Illinois low to middle income customer base by giving those who do not own a vehicle the opportunity to participate in the electrification of the transportation sector.

• Corridor charging. Incentive for property owners and third parties to install publicly accessible fast charging stations in specified areas along traffic corridors.

• Fast DC charging without a corridor. Assess incentives to encourage the installation of public fast charging systems across the area

Customers can register for the new tariff options from autumn. For more information on electric vehicles, visit AmerenIllinois.com/EV.

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