Land Rover Defender SVR reportedly comes with greater than 600 BMW horsepower

In February of that year, Land Rover introduced the Defender V8 with a 5.0-liter supercharged engine developing 518 horsepower (386 kilowatts) and 461 pound-feet (625 newton meters) of torque. Right now it’s the most powerful series Defender in history, but that could change if we believe a new report.

According to MotorTrend, the British company is now working on a hotter SVR model that sits above the Defender V8. Basically, it will be what the Mercedes-AMG G63 is to the Mercedes-Benz G500, or a full-blown performance street version. Yes, that might sound a bit strange considering the Defender is an off-road legend and not a sports SUV, but Land Rover wants to have a serious competitor in the performance SUV segment and monetize the strong demand in that segment.

The highlight of the Defender SVR is expected to be available for both the 90s and 110s, the V8 engine under the hood. As previously reported, the model will most likely get a version of BMW’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with an output of more than 600 hp (447 kilowatts). Since the Defender V8 has a different engine without SVR, you have the option of choosing from two different V8 drivetrains in a Defender.

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The Defender SVR is slated to hit the market next spring and will benefit from further performance improvements, including bigger brakes and stiffer suspension. The eight-speed automatic from ZF is being recalibrated to allow for shorter gear changes, and there should also be visual optimizations that differentiate the SVR model from the smaller equipment.

In terms of price, the report mentions that the base Defender 90 SVR will cost around $ 125,000 while the longer 130 model will cost at least $ 130,000. As a reminder, the Defender V8 starts at $ 97,200 (plus $ 1,350 target fee) and the four-door 110 starts at $ 100,400.

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