Lego and Volkswagen are working collectively on a nostalgic T2 camper van equipment


Lego and Volkswagen have teamed up again to deliver another brick-built, nostalgic model of a classic VW vehicle: this time it’s the T2 Camper from the 1970s.

Previous Lego x Volkswagen kits include the original 1962 VW T1 Camper kit released in 2011 and the 1960s VW Beetle kit that debuted in 2016 and currently has a permanent home in my living room. The latest kit is based on the equally iconic second generation VW Camper Van Type 2, which was sold in the US and Europe in the late 1960s and 1970s, and has many of the coolest features of its real-world counterpart.

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The plastic model has a sliding side door and a plastic windshield that mimics the wraparound bay window design of the T2. Inside is a fully modeled kitchen with a tiny refrigerator, sink, and hinged cupboards. There is even a small teapot for the gas stove. The rear seats can be folded down and the steering works. Based on the photos, this is due to suspension and steering parts taken from some of Lego’s more advanced Technics kits.

The T2 kit is also about 2 inches longer than the T1 kit, measuring 13.5 inches from the spare wheel at the nose to the rear bumper, 5.5 inches wide, 6 inches high and long. The kit consists of 2,207 parts – including a brand new brick color for the exterior paintwork – and a sticker pack with German and US license plates and a selection of hippie dip retro graphics. I’ll probably go without a sticker most of the time, for a clean build, for mine.

The Lego Volkswagen T2 Camper Van (kit number 10279) is aimed at builders 18 and over and should arrive in stores and on from August 1st for $ 180.

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