Lexus NX Plug-in, Mannequin S Yoke, Maserati EV, California Charging Infrastructure: At present’s Automobile Information

Lexus has launched a 36-mile plug-in hybrid that is a luxury cousin of the Toyota RAV4 Prime. The Tesla Model S arrived with an airplane-style yoke, though security officials continue to send mixed signals. Maserati’s first electric vehicle will be a performance coupe. California is not planning enough chargers. And VW is working from the inside out on a future electric vehicle. This and more here at Green Car Reports.

The top-of-the-line version of the 2022 Lexus NX Crossover will be a 36-mile plug-in hybrid, with a 36-mpg hybrid also part of the range. Lexus used to be very opposed to the idea of ​​plug-in hybrids, so it’s an indication of how much times have changed for the luxury brand Toyota.

U.S. security officials still fail to provide an educated judgment on the yoke setup that shipped the first 25 Tesla Model S plaid cars last week. With no steering wheel, no rotary levers, and no physical gear selector, the Plaid has a number of interface innovations that are likely to spark any debate.

The electric vehicle Project Trinity from Volkswagen, which is expected in 2026, will be the first car that VW has developed “from the inside out,” said sales chief Klaus Zellmer to Autocar last week. With a focus on personal space, on-demand and subscription functions and advanced driver assistance technology, these vehicles will restart the user experience.

Maserati teased its first electric car on Friday – in the form of an all-electric GranTurismo sports coupe that is becoming a potential rival of the Tesla Roadster.

California has some ambitious goals for electric vehicle adoption over the next decade. But a report released last week by the California Energy Commission showed that installing charging stations isn’t what the state needs to support it.


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