Maserati GranTurismo 2023, Tesla Mannequin S Plaid 2021, racing debut Glickenhaus 007: right now’s auto information

Maserati is testing prototypes for a redesigned GranTurismo, which will be the automaker’s first electric vehicle. A reveal will come later this year, but sales are unlikely to begin until 2022.

The Tesla Model S plaid that shipped last week is now the fastest car in the world. The 1,020 hp electric super hatch ran the quarter mile in just 9.247 seconds, with none other than Jay Leno at the wheel.

The Glickenhaus 007 Le Mans hypercar completed its first race at the weekend, but things didn’t go well for the American team. The car suffered an accident and a clutch change, but still managed to finish its debut race.

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