Mazda stops two Japanese factories due to torrential rain

TOKYO – Mazda Motor ceased operations at two of its Japanese factories on Tuesday, the latest victims of torrential rains now hovering over the southwestern part of the country.

The factory at the company’s headquarters in Hiroshima Prefecture and the factory in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, may reopen on Wednesday, depending on weather conditions.

The decision to cease operations was made to ensure the safety of employees and suppliers. The rain is expected to continue.

While the heavy rain did not damage the plant facilities, it affected construction work at the Hofu plant. The carmaker planned to close part of the factory from August 7 to September 1 in order to convert the production line to series production of electric vehicles. The company is now considering adjusting its schedule.

Several Mazda dealerships and suppliers are reporting leaks, floods, and other rain-related damage. There was no impact on shop operations or production activities.

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