Nissan Basis awards $ 697,000 in grants to organizations that promote the worth of cultural variety

  • For 29 years, the Nissan Foundation has supported educational programs that promote greater appreciation and understanding of America’s diverse cultural heritage.

  • The Nissan Foundation awards $ 697,000 in grants to 28 nonprofits that educate, inspire, and celebrate diversity.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, June 23, 2021 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The Nissan Foundation announced today that it is awarding $ 697,000 in grants to 28 nonprofits for its 2021 funding cycle. The charitable recipients are in southern California, Tennessee, Texas, central Mississippi, southeast Michigan, and metropolitan areas of New York and Atlanta – all locations where Nissan has an operational presence.

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For 29 years, the Nissan Foundation has supported organizations that promote cultural diversity. (Photo: Business Wire)

In its 29-year history, the Nissan Foundation has awarded approximately $ 13 million to more than 150 organizations that offer educational programs that bring diverse cultural perspectives, experiences, and voices to communities across the country.

“For nearly 30 years, the Nissan Foundation has been committed to empowering nonprofits that do the important job of sharing diverse cultural perspectives and experiences with communities across the country,” said Andrew Tavi, president of the Nissan Foundation. “Perhaps at no other time in recent history has the work of these organizations been so critical. We pride ourselves on supporting their efforts to inspire people to see the value of our differences.”

The Nissan Foundation’s mission – building community through appreciating cultural diversity – is as relevant today as it was when it was founded in 1992. The Nissan Foundation was established in response to the unrest near what was then Nissan’s North American headquarters in Southern California following the verdict of the Rodney King Trial, and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to nonprofits that support the foundation’s mission.

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Among the Nissan Foundation 2021 Scholarship recipients are many who focus on inspiring young people to see the world from multiple perspectives. This includes the Foundation for Mississippi History, whose scholarships will ensure that all students in the state have the opportunity to visit the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History at least once during their K-12 education – independently pay from their skills.

The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit will use its 2021 grant to expand its Religious Diversity Journeys program. As part of this program, students take part in a series of excursions to a Hindu temple and Sikh gurdwaras, as well as to Jewish, Christian and Muslim places of worship. On each excursion, students learn about the specific culture, practices, and beliefs of this religion.

The Japanese American National Museum will use its 2021 grant to fund its school attendance program, which allows school groups from across Southern California to visit the museum and witness the experiences of Japanese Americans from early immigration in the 19th century to the present day. Every year, 15,000 students in grades 1 to 12 take part in the school attendance program, more than 70 percent from Title I schools.

“The Nissan Foundation is pleased to continue to support the many organizations that are committed to promoting the value of culture and expanding cultural knowledge in communities across the United States,” said Parul Bajaj, executive director of the Nissan Foundation. “We are also honored to offer scholarships to a number of new applicants whose programs reflect the Foundation’s view that cultural and ethnic diversity are a factor in society.”

Beneficiary 2021


Autry Museum of the American West, “Voices of Native America” ​​($ 15,000)

Japan-American National Museum, School Visiting Program and Family Reunions ($ 30,000)

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, “Roots Series: Children’s Cultural Events, Educational Programs, and Exhibitions” ($ 10,000)

San Diego Museum of Us, “Race: Are We So Different? Virtual Workshops” ($ 15,000)


Atlanta Historical Society, Inc., “June 2022 Family Program and Free Weekend Entry” ($ 25,000)

Atlanta Catholic Charities, Refugee Education and Engagement Project ($ 10,000)

Fernbank Museum of Natural History, “Winter Wonderland: Celebrations and Traditions around the World” ($ 25,000)


Arab American National Museum (An Institution of ACCESS), “AANM Public Programming Series 2021-2022” ($ 20,000)

Detroit Educational Television Foundation, Fair Journalism ($ 20,000)

Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus, “Using literature to enable equal access to Holocaust education” (US $ 20,000)

Metro Detroit Interfaith Leadership Council, “Traveling in Religious Diversity: A Program Proven to Improve Faith-Based Relationships Through Education” ($ 15,000)

US Committee on Refugees and Immigrants, Inc. “International Detroit” ($ 20,000)


Cleveland Music Foundation d / b / a GRAMMY Museum Mississippi, “Right to Write: Exploring Issues in Diversity & Inclusiveness Through Music” ($ 30,000)

MS History Foundation, School Attendance Program at Two MS Museums ($ 30,000)

new York

Brooklyn Historical Society, “Muslims in Brooklyn 2021-2022 Teacher Workshops and Curriculum Dissemination” ($ 10,000)

Jewish Children’s Museum, “Overcoming Obstacles: Reformatting the Public School Initiative” ($ 15,000)

The Jewish Museum, Movies That Matter ($ 25,000)

One To World, “Cultural Understanding Programs: Intercultural Education and Exchange for Youth in NYC” ($ 25,000)

Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, “World Olympics: Celebrating Each Other’s Differences in Schools” ($ 37,000)


Discovery Center, Kids First ($ 60,000)

Global Education Center, Passport to Understanding ($ 25,000)

Nashville Public Library Foundation, “Civil Rights and a Civil Society: Critical Dialogues on Justice, Race, and Identity” ($ 25,000)

Nashville Public Television, “Nearest Neighbors: 2021-2022” ($ 75,000)

Oasis Center, Inc., “Building Bridges of the Oasis Center” ($ 50,000)

Stars Nashville, “Understanding Bullying Prevention Through the Lens of Cultural Literacy” ($ 20,000)

Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition, “Building Assistance for Refugee Communities in Middle TN” ($ 10,000)

YWCA Nashville & Middle TN, Stand Against Racism Lunch & Learn Series ($ 20,000)


Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, “Crucial Conversations: Confronting Antisemitism” ($ 15,000)

Nissan Foundation grants are awarded annually; the next scholarships will be awarded in June 2022. For more information about the Nissan Foundation and its application process, please visit the Nissan Foundation page.

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