Nissan Leaf Worth Lower, 40-mpg Maverick Pickup Supply, Used Electrical Car Tax Credit score: At the moment’s Auto Information

An electric vehicle tax credit could soon extend to used vehicles. The 40-mpg versions of the Maverick hybrid pickup may be hard to find. And the Leaf is now the cheapest electric car on the US market. This and more here at Green Car Reports.

With a price cut of more than $ 4,000, the Nissan Leaf is emerging as the cheapest electric vehicle in the US market in 2022. In addition, it makes its debut with the lowest statewide EV lease we’ve ever seen.

While we lament what was not included in the “green” infrastructure bill roaming Capitol Hill, we focused on one bright spot: a separate bill that would introduce a $ 2,500 tax credit on used electric vehicles. Is this an important step in spreading the excitement for electric vehicles to those who cannot afford a new car?

And Ford has confirmed that the 40-mpg Ford Maverick hybrid pickup will be in short supply for months, though the Escape Hybrid is now rampant, the Escape Plug-In Hybrid is coming this month, and a Bronco Sport Hybrid is all but explicitly confirmed.

And over at the Motor Authority: Dodge has confirmed through a presentation by its parent company Stellantis that it will launch a plug-in hybrid model in 2022.


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