Nutson’s Auto Information Weekly Wrap-up Could 6-12 June 2021


AUTO CENTRAL CHICAGO June 13, 2021 Every Sunday, Larry Nutson, The Chicago Car Guy and Executive Producer, puts together the “recording” of the Auto Channel for last week’s automobile news with the expert assistance of Senior Editor Thom Cannell of The Auto Channel Michigan Bureau easily digestible new nuggets.

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Nutson’s Automotive News Wrap-up – Week Ending June 12, 2021; Below are the all-important, relevant, semi-secret, or snappy automotive news, opinions, and insider backstories from the past week, presented as expertly crafted, easily digestible news nuggets.

* According to a Cox Automotive analysis, the auto industry started June with historically low inventories of unsold new vehicles due to continued strong sales and further production stoppages mainly caused by the global shortage of computer chips. The total supply of available unsold new vehicles in the US was 1.78 million units at the end of May – approximately 35 days of supply – up from 2.24 million at the same time in April. The supply has been falling since mid-December. Interestingly, cars of all sizes and prices have had above average inventory levels and are becoming the choice of some commercial vehicle buyers.

* According to a recent study by leading digital automobile marketplace, nearly 10% of car buyers recently drove out of the state to buy their dream vehicle, with more than half (52%) of those who covered 40 km and nearly 20 % 50 miles and 13% of buyers travel more than 250 miles to a dealer due to the ongoing shortage of new and used vehicles. Buyers travel the furthest for the car brands Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota. Buyers widening their search radius should include larger cities as they have more inventory than their country counterparts.

* Ford has accepted the all-new Maverick compact pickup, starting at $ 19,995 MSRP. The all-new Ford Maverick is the first production full hybrid pickup in America and the most fuel efficient truck on the market with a targeted EPA estimate of 40 mpg in the city. It will be popular in cities and will soon be available in your high school parking lot. It’s also Ford’s cheapest vehicle.

* Commercial electric vehicle startup maker Lordstown Motors says it may be out of business in a year as it tries to secure funding to start full production of an electric pickup truck. In a quarterly filing for approval, Lordstown said the $ 587 million available as of March 31 is insufficient to begin commercial production and begin sales of the full-size pickup named Endurance.

* The AP reported that if the auto industry is to succeed in its bet that electric vehicles will soon dominate the streets, it needs to overcome an important reason many people still avoid them: the fear of being between point A and the juice Going out of Point B. Automakers have tried to allay these concerns by developing electric vehicles that travel farther and refuel faster per charge. The problem is that most public charging stations are now filling cars far too slowly, taking hours – not minutes – to provide enough power for a long journey. Concerned that such long waiting times could turn away potential electric car buyers and keep them stuck to gasoline vehicles, automakers are trying to reduce charging times to around five or ten minutes of conventional gasoline refueling. The latest generation of electric vehicles, many of which have a range of around 300 miles (480 kilometers) per charge, can draw power much faster than previous models. So fast that most charging stations are still unable to accommodate the vehicles’ advanced technology.

* People travel more by car in the United States but less by air or train, according to monthly data from Sivak Applied Research’s Michael Sivak, a transportation researcher. The population-adjusted changes for March 2021 compared to March 2019 are: Road vehicle miles: down 4%; Air miles: down 44%; Rail passenger miles: decrease by 68%; Unrelated journeys on public transport: down 58%. Compared to May 2019, the following changes result for May 2021: Vehicle sales: down by 1%; Petrol price: decreased by 1%.

* Reuters reports that Apple has confirmed that it has hired former BMW electric car project sponsor and EV startup leader Ulrich Kranz to help with its auto project – a statement that removes most of the doubts that Apple intends to be in to enter the vehicle business. Kranz led the development of the innovative BMW i3 electric car and founded the EV startup Canoo, which he left last month.

* Ferrari wants to be more than just a small-series, ultra-premium automaker. It also wants to be a lifestyle brand. To this end, the company will present a new clothing line and gourmet restaurant near its headquarters in Maranello, Italy. Ferrari’s goal is to generate 10% of sales from its lifestyle stores.

* Nissan will unveil the all-new Nissan Z sports car in New York City on August 17th. The company officially announced the announcement just months after launching the Z Proto concept in late 2020. According to speculation, the price is around $ 35,000.

* The 2022 Lexus NX was unveiled via livestream and will feature a completely new interior now with a touchscreen rather than a touchpad controller along with new evolutionary looks and four powertrains to choose from.

* To celebrate the dominance of the Corvette C8.R IMSA GTLM 2020, the Corvette Stingray is starting the 2022 model year with a special edition as well as new exterior colors and spoiler options. The 2022 Corvette Stingray IMSA GTLM Championship Edition based on the 3LT equipment with Z51 Performance Package is new. Each car includes Corvette Racing-themed graphics packs. The Accelerate Yellow No. 3 editions have gray graphics and the Hypersonic Gray No. 4 editions have yellow accents.

* Tesla presented its Model S “Plaid”, the new top model in the Tesla range, via live stream. At $ 129,990, the Model S Plaid is in the same segment of the automotive market as German high-end sedans, both gasoline-powered and electric. The Model S is nine years old and needed the refreshment Tesla is giving it.

* Former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has agreed to pay $ 13.6 million in compensation for what the company called its failure to quickly get to the bottom of the 2015 diesel engine rig scandal for emissions test fraud numbers. Winterkorn’s payment is his share of a total severance payment of 4,341 million with Volkswagen from him and three other former managers. VW said it would get $ 329 million in liability insurance.

* As part of the judicial investigations launched against several automakers in 2016 and 2017, Automobiles Peugeot SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stellantis NV, was brought up by the Paris court on allegations of consumer fraud related to the sale of Euro 5 diesel vehicles in France between 2009 and 2015 As is common in French criminal proceedings, Automobiles Peugeot SA has to pay a deposit of 10 million euros (of which 8 million for the possible payment of damages and fines and 2 million for ensuring that the company is represented in court) and a bank guarantee of Provide 30 million euros for possible loss compensation. Automobiles Peugeot SA is also currently examining its defense options in this regard. Two other Stellantis subsidiaries, Automobiles Citroën SA and FCA Italy SpA, were summoned to court in Paris on June 10 and July in the same investigation.

* Waymo and JB Hunt, one of North America’s largest truck fleet operators, will test Class 8 automated tractor units on Interstate 45 between Houston and Fort Worth, Texas. This is just a test and human operators will be in the cab, but it is another step towards the use of automated commercial vehicles. The freight forwarding industry is very interested in self-driving trucks to remedy the driver shortage at current rates.

* For the sixth year, Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge returns as the traditional prelude to the weeklong celebration of vintage cars and auto culture in Motor City with legal street races, classic and modern muscle car shows, exciting interactive experiences and immersive, fun filled activities at M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan. Unlike any other event in the world, drivers of America’s fastest street-legal drag cars have the opportunity to drag a race in front of the crowd on historic Woodward Avenue as it moves from a street to a sanctioned 1 / 8 mile drag transforms stripes. Be there on August 14th.

* Sergio Pérez, who drove for Red Bull Racing, won a dramatic Azerbaijan Grand Prix after team-mate Max Verstappen dropped out while leading the race with two laps to go. Sebastian Vettel finished second in his Aston-Martin. For the first time in 54 Formula 1 races in a row, Lewis Hamilton was not in the points after his detour off the track in 15th place.

* Autoweek reports following a blowover crash involving Joey Logano in Talladega in April, NASCAR has issued rule changes for the remaining two Superspeedway races in Daytona and Talladega this season to keep the cars at 7-10 mph to slow down. The update requires a smaller tapered spacer, with the opening reduced from 57/64 “to 53/64”. It also removes the wickerwork from the spoiler and requires a reinforced roll bar near the rear wheel arch which was previously optional. The cup cars will generate around 450 hp in these races.

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