Oldtimer UK: Homeowners can profit from new registration guidelines within the occasion of an essential breakthrough

The changes are intended to help experts from the classic car industry with the processing of approvals for restored classic cars. According to the applicable rules, drivers who restore models must apply for a new registration directly from the DVLA or reassign the original after completing their work.

Julie Lennard, DVLA boss, said classic registrations are a “controversial area” because of the “value of the vehicles”.

She replied, “We have a lot of different user groups for really engaged specific stakeholders.

“I am very happy to check again whether we have to do something very special for the classic car industry and the classic car market.

“I am very happy to take that with me.”

He said, “This is a really important breakthrough.

“We are pleased that the DVLA is taking such a constructive approach and is ready to work with the industry to try to resolve these persistent problems.

“It has always been HCVA’s position that industry experts can help solve these problems.

“We hope that through the dialogue we can improve the process for everyone in the industry – and relieve the extremely tense DVLA.

“If they were able to follow the CAA precedent and delegate complex registration issues to independent and well-qualified industry experts, it could give more employees the opportunity to focus on the license backlog and other issues.”

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