Rain turns the Westgate Charity Automobile Present right into a basic automotive wash

LIMA – Mother Nature had its own plans on Sunday afternoon during the 13th Westgate Charity Car Show, but that didn’t deter car fans.

This year 240 cars were registered.

“I think many were afraid of the rain,” said John Waller, co-chairman of the auto show.

Around 1 p.m. the sky opened and it rained on the cars and the spectators of the car show. Many car exhibitors made an effort to clad their cars in plastic to protect the look they had just polished.

During the storm, spectators gathered at the Apollo Career Center, where they could be seen eating Fat Kid BBQ or enjoying homemade ice cream.

The Shawnee Township Safety Pup provided high fives and hugs for all the kids to enjoy at school.

“He gave out stickers and bracelets to the kids who weren’t afraid of him,” said Jeremy Shellenbarger of the Shawnee Township Police Department.

While the rain forced some to leave, others put on an umbrella and walked up and down the rows of old-timers and old-timers.

Staci McKinney White and her brother Cody Moyler enjoyed the car show despite the rain.

“My husband took his car home but we just wanted to walk and see more cars,” said White.

Their children Averi (7) and Cayden (8) went for a walk with their mother under their umbrella; while Moyler and his son Keeghan, 5, had their own umbrella.

The auto show is one of the largest in our area.

“Andy (Maravola) is doing a great job organizing this auto show,” said Tom Evans of Lima.

This year there were inflatables for the kids to jump, games, music and food trucks in front of the door. Tanks, fire engines and police cars were also on display.

Konner Link and his brother Brooks, both from Lima, had a great time outside until it rained.

“They had so much fun,” said Grandmother Kathy Kahle of Spencerville.

“The tank was my favorite, and then an older car with butterfly doors,” said Konner.

While the kids had their favorite cars, so did the adults.

Brian Ulrey from Lima has been attending auto shows for many years since he was 12.

“Mine is at home under construction. I like classics best. You have a multicolored interior; Today the interiors are all brown or all gray, ”said Ulrey.

The auto show isn’t just for watching, though. There are lessons to be learned.

“The younger generation has the opportunity to get to know the older generation with vintage cars. The younger ones are then interested in the classics. You are learning more than ever at the UN, ”said Katie Medina from Lima.

All money raised at the Westgate Charity Car Show goes to local charities.

Some car exhibitors covered their classic cars with plastic before the rainy Sunday at the Westgate Charity Car Show.

This Oldsmobile 4-4-2 is covered in plastic to protect its surface during the storm that hit the Westgate Charity Car Show on Sunday.

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