Richard Hammond Proclaims New Discovery + Basic Automotive Restoration Present

He works with two mechanics who helped him restore a Jaguar XK 150.

Richard Hammond Classic Cars Show Discovery Plus

It seems like a love too classic cars just keeps getting bigger. Richard Hammond, former Top Gear presenter and current The Grand Tour presenter, has now also revived this passion and has announced the start of a new show that will focus on the restoration of classic cars.

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What we know about Richard Hammond’s new show

His new show will be created in collaboration with two talented auto mechanics who restored Richard’s own Jaguar XK 150 during the pandemic. When he was working on these cars, he saw how talented they are. Additionally, people appreciated the short videos about the Jaguar that Hammond uploaded. Hence, the three thought that a show dedicated to restoring classic cars would be something everyone would want to see.

Hammond also remembered his grandfather building car bodies. Therefore, the presenter, who grew up on the model of his father, is convinced that he can impress the audience with his work in the field of restoration.

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Richard Hammond is passionate about restoring classic cars

I’ve spent 25 years criticizing other people’s cars and now I put my own work out there. My grandfather was a car mechanic, who knows, maybe I’ve inherited some of his skills. So this is a real business, a real project, and I really hope people enjoy seeing the ups and the inevitable lows throughout the series, “said Hammond.

Hammond recently founded a company with both of them, for which he chose the name The Smallest Cog. This shows his ambition to start a real company focused on renovating old cars.

A new show about renovating classic cars is expected to appear on the Discovery + platform later this year. In addition to the already mentioned finished Jaguar XK150, a Ford Escort RS2000 could appear in it, and there is also talk of an as yet unspecified British supercar.

The Grand Tour is still ongoing, with some episodes rarely released. But each of the three moderators also works on their own projects on Amazon Prime Video. James May had a special series on Japan, and Jeremy Clarkson recently released a special dedicated to his farmer experience in 2020. Richard Hammond has had other shows in recent years, including National Geographic. So it won’t be a problem for him to combine several shows.

Source: DriveTribe

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