Richard Hammond sells a few of his classic automobiles and bikes

Richard Hammond is selling a handful of his vintage cars and motorcycles.

The vehicles will be auctioned during The Classic Sale by Silverstone Auctions from July 31st to August 1st. The collection consists of a 1969 Porsche 911T, 1932 Velocette KSS Mk1, 1977 Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk1, 1959 Bentley S2, 1927 Sunbeam Model 2, 1999 Lotus Esprit Sport 350, 1976 Kawasaki Z900 A4 and a 2019 Norton Dominator 961 Street Limited Edition.

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Hammond’s 911T was originally shipped to California and currently has 56,000 miles (90,123 km) on the clock. It is in its original condition and is painted silver with a black interior. The 1959 Bentley S2 now has five new owners and has approximately 63,000 miles (101,388 km) under its belt. It was recently restored and is painted silver blue over a blue interior.

The Lotus Esprit Sport 350 from the Grand Tour’s host garage is number 5 of only 48 examples built. It is equipped with a 3.5-liter flat-plane twin-turbo V8 with 350 hp and has covered 47,000 miles (75,639 km).

Hammond will use the proceeds of the auction to support the classic car restoration workshop he founded. The shop will be called “The Smallest Cog” and a TV series about it will be broadcast on Discovery +.

“The irony that I am supporting my new classic car restoration business by selling part of my own classic car collection is not wasted on me,” Hammond said of the auction. “They leave with a heavy heart, because they have a high personal sentimental value, but they will finance the future development of the business and breathe life back into countless other classic vehicles.”

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