‘Rocket League’ brings again basic automotive packages for summer time highway journey occasion | Gaming abstract

This week in racing news:

“Rocket League” is bringing back popular vehicles such as the Ford F-150 RLE to its summer event

Earlier this week, Rocket League announced its Summer Road Trip event, which will see several fan-favorite cars return to the item shop and classic game modes back into the rotation. The event starts on July 1st and lasts for the whole month. The first vehicle to return will be the Ford F-150, which will be back on the market on July 5th as part of the Red, White and Boom Package. The bundle, like most of the others featured later this month, includes the car, decals, wheels, boost, player banners and more. A KITT bundle will return to the game on July 8th, a Back to the Future Delorean bundle on July 15th, and a Jurassic World Jeep Wrangler bundle on July 22nd. In addition to the returning cars to purchase from the item shop, the free game modes returning for the event are 2v2 Heatseeker, Beach Ball, Dropshot Rumble, and Rocket Labs Loophole.

Road movie racing game “Heading Out” announced for 2022

If you are looking for a new kind of racing game, something really out of the ordinary, then maybe this is the game for you. GT Planet reported on the upcoming racer announcement earlier this week and we can’t say we’ve seen anything like it. It’s called “Heading Out” and offers a complete black and white aesthetic with animation somewhere between the “Borderlands” series and a motion comic. For all we can say, the story will put players in the role of an outlaw on the run across the US. According to the announcement video, it will have features such as “immersive narration, [a] Character Creator and Resource Manager. “We’re pretty excited to see more as the release date approaches, but until then we’ll have to settle for watching the trailer over and over, which you can do below.

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