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The fully electric XC90 Recharge is equipped with lidar sensors. We take a close look at the Kia EV6 – yes, the one with the numbers rivaling the Model Y performance. And the Sono Sion Solar EV gets a bigger battery before going into production. This and more here at Green Car Reports.

Volvo on Thursday announced some very sophisticated safety and driver assistance hardware for the all-electric version of the next-generation XC90, which is expected to be referred to as the XC90 Recharge, will receive standard lidar sensors from California’s Luminar, and will be part of a sensor suite to become a ” AI-controlled supercomputer “with Nvidia chips. Expect something to rival GM Super Cruise and Tesla Navigate on autopilot.

The solar-enhanced Sono Sion electric vehicle has not yet been delivered, but it is already receiving an increase in both range and its fast charge rate by replacing a larger battery. The 54 kWh LFP package replaces a 35 kWh lithium-ion package and offers a range of around 189 miles – although the solar demands and properties of this model remain essentially unchanged.

We recently took a close look at the Kia EV6 electric car near Los Angeles. With a completely different design statement compared to the closely related Hyundai Ioniq 5, the EV6 captures a futuristic look that is not dependent on retro elements.

And over at the Motor Authority: A report from Europe indicated that the E-Tron SUV and Sportback should get more range in late 2022 as part of a major mid-cycle update – including new batteries and other efficiency improvements. No word yet on whether this will come to the USA


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