South Haven receives charging factors for electrical autos

Two electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in South Haven. Public works director Bill Hunter told WSJM News Red E. Charging of Detroit installed it in the Huron Street parking lot last week.

“The stations do not belong to the City of South Haven,” Hunter said. “They actually belong to Red E Charging. They received grant money to install these and in other communities. “

Red E. received a scholarship through the Charge Up Michigan Program. It reimburses the cost of installing EV chargers up to $ 70,000. Hunter says it will put South Haven on the cards of EV owners who use apps to figure out where to top up.

“Now South Haven is going to use these apps that people drive by or drive through on I-196, they can see that there is a station here. So they can stop by, plug in and maybe visit downtown. It might actually help to draw different people into town to discover South Haven. “

One of the charging stations is located near the pavilion in the parking lot, the other near the toilets. The City of South Haven will receive a small portion of the revenue from using the stations, and Hunter says they could try to install another in the coming years, this time owned by the city.

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