Sturdy U.S. Electrical Automobile Gross sales, Roadside Charging, BYD, and $ 25,000 Tesla: In the present day’s Auto Information

A Kansas City roadside shop project shows what could be done in many U.S. cities. The sales charts for electric cars no longer only point to a Tesla market. And could the cheapest Tesla for China be operated with cells from another electric vehicle manufacturer? This and more here at Green Car Reports.

According to a report, BYD could start supplying Tesla with its blade battery – featuring its latest LFP cells – as early as next year, which could potentially be used in Tesla’s $ 25,000 electric vehicle, which is being run by a team in China.

Perhaps a blueprint for what we need to see more in the US: A project in Kansas City aims to help street-park residents get electric – by installing street-lamp-based chargers across the street City. The installations will be completed by the end of the year.

As a summary on Thursday underlined, US electric vehicle sales in 2021 were so far record-breaking – despite the pandemic and supply chain problems. Mention the abundance of new mass-market EV models in widespread use that have hit the market in the past six months; it’s no longer just a Tesla Model 3 market.

And over at the Motor Authority: Could Mazda have more than a range extender in mind for its rotary rotary engine? The latest patent applications indicate that an RX sports car with a rotary engine is still in the cards – electrified, of course.


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