Tesla diagnostic software program now obtainable within the US

Tesla quietly debuted a range of service subscriptions that could help owners get to work on their own vehicles. The service subscriptions could pave the way for Tesla to enable owners to repair their own cars.

Tesla offers two service subscription packages. The first subscription is the service and repair information pack, which gives owners access to manuals, tool catalogs, circuit diagrams and other relevant documents. Owners previously had access to these documents, according to Tesla owner hackers @greentheonly or Green.

I really hope this isn’t another false start.

Diagnostic software is now available in the US as a paid service to anyone willing to pay the price

I know a lot of people have asked for it, but it used to only be in Europe.

– green (@greentheonly) August 26, 2021

The second, newer subscription gives Tesla owners access to the company’s diagnostic software. Green noted that Tesla’s diagnostic software was not previously available to US owners, but was already available to owners in Europe. In December 2020, Tesla gave European owners access to the toolbox functionality of their vehicles and granted them access to diagnostics and some software.

For details of the service and repair information pack, see the illustration below.

Details of the diagnostic software package can be found below.

Tesla, which offers these service subscriptions, suggests the company may open up to owners who repair their own vehicles. Granting EU owners access to the Toolbox may have been a test run for the US version of the service subscriptions.

A few weeks ago, some drivers who owned Teslas with salvaged titles reported that they were back on the Supercharger network. Unfortunately, the Supercharger access was not permanent. This suggested that Tesla either accidentally restored Supercharger access to salvaged cars, or the brief access to the quick chargers was simply the company testing the waters. After all, blocking recovered Teslas that have already been repaired from the Supercharger network is a bad look, especially if non-Tesla EVs with varying levels of wear are allowed to access the fast charge network.

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Tesla diagnostic software now available in the US

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