Tesla is entitled to a $ 7.5 billion

Tesla is currently taking steps that will allow it to preserve the $ 7.5 billion fund in Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill for building electric vehicle charging stations. President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill, HR 3684, was passed in the Senate on Tuesday with a score of 69-30.

“This bill will also push IBEW employees – electricians – to install a truly national network of EV charging stations that will transform the way we travel and trade,” President Biden said during a briefing at White House in the East Room.

“And by the way, around these charging stations you will – just like in the surrounding area – we have installed petrol stations on our federal highways – see how other industries develop. We have the advantage of significantly reducing the pollution caused by vehicles on our roads, ”he said.

Tesla could be eligible to apply for the bill’s EV infrastructure fund once the Supercharger network opens to non-Tesla cars.

The bill lists two requirements that companies must meet in order to qualify for the multi-billion dollar fund, which is specifically made available for EV charging stations. First, companies don’t need to provide proprietary charging connectors that meet industry safety standards. Second, companies must provide open access to payment methods that all citizens can use.

Before the Senate passed HR 3684, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the Supercharger network would soon be opened to non-Tesla vehicles. At the last TSLA winning conference, Musk and other Tesla bosses explained how the open Supercharger network would work.

Musk noted that the Tesla app would also be open to non-Tesla owners to give them convenient access to the Supercharger network. While he believes Tesla uses the best EV charging port, Musk also noted that Tesla would offer an EV adapter that other EV owners could buy to use the Supercharger network.

By opening the Tesla app to other e-car owners and an adapter, Tesla could meet the requirements for applying for the $ 7.5 billion fund under the Infrastructure Act. “Yes. In order for that to be the case – for the Supercharger to be useful for other automakers’ cars, we have to expand the network faster than we increase vehicle production, which is not easy. We are increasing vehicle production at a hell of a speed. Compressors So we have to grow faster than vehicle production, ”remarked Elon Musk on the last conference call.

“This is a lot of work for the Superchargers team, but it’s only useful by and large. Only useful to the public if we are able to grow faster than Tesla’s vehicle production. So that’s our goal, ”he added.

Read the Biden government’s bipartisan infrastructure law below.

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Tesla is entitled to a $ 7.5 billion

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