Tesla Mannequin 3, in use by the police drive, exhibits large monetary financial savings

The Westport Police Department in Connecticut has released a new financial analysis which, as expected, shows massive savings after purchasing a Tesla Model 3 to be used as a police cruiser. The police department reports that in its first full year of operation it helped recoup the purchase price premium and save money for the department.

After purchasing a Tesla Model 3 in December 2019 and commissioning it in February 2020, Westport PD spokesmen said the all-electric sedan has already exceeded expectations in terms of performance, cost savings and environmental benefits. After sparring with the idea of ​​purchasing another Ford Explorer for the police fleet, profitability became a big question. There’s a $ 15,300 difference between the Model 3 and the Explorer, but Westports PD doesn’t regret its decision.

Tesla Model 3 becomes Connecticut Police’s first patrol car

“The purchase price difference was offset in the first year by reduced customization and lower operating costs. All of this has been analyzed in detail, ”said the department.

The EV Club of Connecticut carried out a vehicle cost comparison analysis after the first year of operation, which shows that despite the additional acquisition cost of the Model 3, reduced maintenance costs along with less need for customization for the Model 3 resulted in savings of approximately $ 17,600. The running costs of the Model 3 are comparatively less than those of the Ford Explorer based on routine maintenance and fuel costs.

Photo credit: EV Club of CT

In addition, the police are considering buying another Model 3 to expand their fleet. After four years in the possession of the “pilot” Tesla, which the department bought in 2019, the total cost is estimated at 79,400 US dollars. If another Model 3 is added to the fleet after four years, it will cost $ 95,800. The Ford Explorer would be much more expensive at $ 120,200.

The Westport Police Department drew several conclusions after the analysis.

  • After four years, the Tesla will have saved enough money to buy another Tesla.
  • Each electric vehicle avoids over 23 tons of CO2 emissions per year and saves US $ 8,763 in environmental and health costs.
  • After four years of using electricity to power the vehicle, it will save $ 12,582 on fuel alone.
  • Reduced maintenance. Regenerative braking means that the engine slows down the car and recovers some of the kinetic energy, thereby recharging the battery and reducing wear on the friction brakes. It’s an example of how an electric vehicle saves on maintenance. Other examples are no oil change, spark plugs, gearboxes, alternators, water pumps or catalytic converters.
  • Even during the winter months, the vehicle was able to drive two consecutive patrol shifts without charging, and there were no operational issues related to charging and battery usage.

Photo credit: EV Club of CT

The City of Westport reviewed the financial analysis.

Chief Foti Koskinas, who was vocal about adding the vehicle to the fleet, said, “Tesla has been a great partner, including re-coding if necessary. Without their help, we would not have been able to wire the electronics into the large battery or access the car’s computer. “

In addition to the massive cost benefits, the department says instant torque and power are key factors when overtaking a suspect’s moving vehicle. This increases the safety of drivers, officials and other vehicles, as a traffic control can be completed quickly thanks to the lightning-fast agility of the Model 3.

Despite the initial high cost, Westport residents were extremely positive. “The public feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, said Charles Sampson of Westport PD. “We have been contacted by at least 50 other police departments – from around the world – with questions about our experience. I know that many of them bought Teslas for their fleets. “

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Tesla Model 3, in use by the police force, shows massive financial savings

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