Tesla Mannequin X is in a tug of warfare in entrance of a tank as a result of the world has gone loopy

Friends, we’re not going to put a punch here. The record heat is currently causing severe drought in many parts of the world. COVID ends for a second round of punch-the-people. Forest fires rage – your author’s home in South Dakota has been covered in smoke for most of a month – so honestly, why not embrace some ridiculous car gimmicks before the apocalypse takes off another gear?

We also don’t take any blows with the Tesla fans. Honestly, if you clicked on this article and you think a Tesla has a chance of a snowball in a tug of war with a tank, please ditch the adult drink and get back to reality. Vehicle showdowns like this are all about weight and traction, and while a Model X isn’t exactly slim at 2,495 kilograms, it’s basically a cowboy hat compared to a 20,000-pound tank.

Technically, the green machine in this clip from Dobre Cars isn’t a tank, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s called CVRT, which stands for Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked. It’s a UK-developed platform that has been used by armed forces around the world for decades, and it appears to be street legal at least. The video starts out with it driving down a multi-lane freeway surrounded by traffic, but frankly, it’s not the strangest thing we’ve seen on the roads of America.

But you don’t care. They are interested in watching a pseudo-tank absolutely destroy a Model X. The video hosts provide an interesting … That should be the real main event of this episode – how long can the rope hold when 25,000 pounds of Tesla and a tank try to pull it apart? The answer is not long. Really not long.

Fortunately, this case was considered beforehand and a steel rope was on hand to properly start this tug of war. We don’t know which engine is powering the CVRT, but we think it’s an old Jaguar 4.2-liter in-line six. That was the engine used in early models and this CVRT still bears the distinctive Jaguar branding. So you could really say that this competition is between a Model X and an old XJ6. The big jaguar was basically a tank, wasn’t it?

If you’re wondering how much power the Tesla has, it doesn’t matter. With 20,000 pounds and two massive treads on the floor, all the CVRT needs to do is release the brakes. In fact, the driver accelerates a little while the Model X spins its wheels in vain. Victory goes to the CVRT, but does it have gull-wing doors that work? Damn no it doesn’t.

That being said, we are now returning you to your regularly scheduled apocalypse.

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