Tesla plans to launch an electrical automobile valued at $ 25,000 in 2023, will doubtless not have a steering wheel

Elon Musk has told Tesla employees that the automaker is aiming to launch its previously announced $ 25,000 electric car in 2023.

The CEO hinted that it might not even come with a steering wheel.

At Tesla Battery Day last year, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla would build an electric car for $ 25,000.

The CEO commented in the announcement:

Tesla will build a compelling $ 25,000 electric vehicle that is also fully autonomous.

He made it clear that this new price point will be achieved through Tesla’s new battery cell and battery manufacturing efforts that could cut battery costs by over 50%.

The US $ 25,000 Tesla electric car, often referred to as the “Tesla Model 2”, was compared to a new electric hatchback that Tesla wanted to manufacture at the Shanghai Gigafactory in China and export worldwide.

Last year, Tesla announced it was building a new research and development center in China to build an electric car based on the Chinese model.

Tesla began accepting design submissions for its China-made small electric car last summer and began recruiting for the program shortly thereafter.

It was around this time that the automaker also released this early design drawing of a small electric hatchback. It led many to believe that Tesla is aiming for the design direction and form factor for the upcoming electric vehicle:

We recently reported on some media reports from China claiming that Model 2 production could begin immediately.

However, we warned that this is unlikely to happen.

Now, in a company-wide meeting held yesterday evening, Elon Musk confirmed a better idea of ​​the scheduled time for the release of the new, cheaper Tesla vehicle.

Sources who were at the meeting told Electrek that the CEO said Tesla aims to begin production of the new $ 25,000 electric car in 2023.

In his comments, Musk linked the release of the new Model 2 (unofficial name) to Tesla achieving a deployable fully self-driving system and even asked Tesla employees:

“Do we want this car to have a steering wheel and pedals?”

He made it likely that the new Tesla vehicle won’t even come with a steering wheel.

In 2019, Tesla revealed a picture of a vehicle with no steering wheel and pedals and said the goal is to bring such a vehicle to market within 2 years:

At the meeting, the CEO said Tesla is counting on full autonomy for the new $ 25,000 electric car.

Tesla is currently attempting to release its full self-driving beta software to its wider US fleet by the end of the month.

As soon as the software, which still requires the driver’s attention, comes out, Tesla will improve it with the help of data from the fleet and try to make it many times safer than human drivers in order to obtain regulatory approval for use as a real fully self-driving one System.

The progress made in this regard will determine whether the new Tesla vehicle will be equipped with a steering wheel or not.

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