Tesla’s Subsequent Electrical Car Will Get Rid of the Steering Wheel, Vitality Information, ET EnergyWorld

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has reportedly told Tesla employees that the automaker plans to unveil its previously announced $ 25,000 electric car in 2023.

The CEO hinted it might not even have a steering wheel, reports electrek.co.

Musk previously indicated that this new price point will be met by Tesla’s new battery cell and battery manufacturing efforts that could cut battery costs by over 50 percent.

The $ 25,000 Tesla electric car is said to be a new electric hatchback that the brand plans to produce in the Shanghai Gigafactory in China and export worldwide.

Meanwhile, Tesla plans to sell electricity directly to consumers in the United States.

In an application filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, the manufacturer of electric vehicles applied to become a “Retail Electric Provider” (REP) under its subsidiary Tesla Energy Ventures.

Tesla is currently offering a retail electricity tariff in Australia and the UK that focuses on integrating energy storage into the home.

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Tesla will be delivering its entire energy ecosystem including solar, batteries, and EV chargers to new homes in a new luxury Florida community that is under construction.

According to auto tech website Electrek, the automaker recently started making its entire energy ecosystem, including solar panels, Powerwall home battery packs and electric vehicle chargers, available to third party installers to offer the “full Tesla Energy ecosystem”.

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