That’s the reason the Voisin C-27 Aérosport is a traditional like no different

The Voisin C-27 Aérosport is a rare and unique classic designed and manufactured by Avions Voisin: a French automobile brand founded by Gabriel Voisin. At first he was interested in the manufacture of airplanes and was quite successful in his profession. He built over 10,000 aircraft, but the number of cars he built was fewer. An interesting fact about Gabriel Voisin is that he introduced the first airplane before the Wright brothers.

Voisin was a student of aviation and was very fascinated by the subject. He decided to use his knowledge and build cars with such a unique perspective and design. Voisin made tons of models, but the most exciting and amazing model was the C-27 Aérosport. Gabriel Voisin opted for an extraordinary and unique design which he presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1934 and the vehicle they presented was the Aerodyne.

It was Voisin’s first attempt to show that its design would stand out from the rest and a plan that would appeal to a larger population. How did it go and what did it achieve? That is why the Voisin C-27 Aérosport is a classic like no other.

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The story of Voisin and its models


The First World War caused the aircraft market to decline, and Gabriel Voisin decided to shift his interest to automobiles. He was an excellent designer, but he was new to the world of cars and it wasn’t easy to start from scratch. So he asked companies like Citroen to sell some of their patents to give him a head start, and so he took his first step into the world of automobiles. It didn’t take Voisin long to build his first car, and it soon caught people’s attention because people were fascinated by his unique car designs.

Coming from the world of aviation, he understood how making the vehicle more aerodynamic can significantly improve performance.

When Voisin entered the game, big players had established themselves. Since Gabriel Voisin’s automobile company came onto the market very late, he had to learn a lot about the world of the automobile in a short space of time. Most companies struggled due to the global economic crisis. A lack of investors coupled with a shortage of primary raw materials such as aluminum and low sales made survival even more difficult. Voisin presented only a few models like the C-14 in 1928.

All Voisin vehicles were light due to the materials used. Then came the year 1929, when the C-18 was presented at the Paris Motor Show and it was equipped with the most powerful V12 engine of its time with an output of 112 hp.

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The C-27 Aerosport A rare gem


It has been 86 years since the C-27 was born and in terms of design and aerodynamics it is still considered one of the most beautiful classic cars. When looking at the car, the pentagonal windows and manually adjustable roof are intricate designs. It was a premium car and luxury was in its essence. The interior had a very minimalist white and black pattern design that was very comfortable and easy for people to use.

Its rarity is confirmed by the fact that due to its financial burden, Voisin only produced 2 of these cars. The previous models didn’t sell well, but the C-27 was a real beauty. It came with a 3.0 liter Knight engine with Zenith Stromberg carburetors and a total output of 104 hp and an output of 95 mph. Those were good numbers for the time, considering the car weighed over 2,500 pounds.

The very first C-27 was made for the Shah of Persia, created by his command. In 1937 Gabriel lost control of the company and Voisin’s last car was the C-28. Unfortunately, the company took risks in target markets and Voisin’s cars were ultra-luxury with a high price tag. The Voisin C-27 Aérosport could have become a successful premium car of the time, but the company was in the wrong place at the wrong time and couldn’t penetrate the market.

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