The truck’s runaway wheels crash right into a stationary Nissan Navara in an uncommon accident

The footage from a surveillance camera captured the moment when two wheels of a passing tractor-trailer crashed into a parked Nissan Navara.

It is unclear where or when this video was shot and nothing happens for the first 10 seconds. However, it gets interesting when a truck comes into view.

As the truck drives past the camera, we can see two of its wheels falling off and instead of safely falling to the ground, they instead roll straight towards a silver Nissan Navara parked on the side of the road.

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The first of the two wheels slams into the front of the pickup, destroys one of the headlights, smashes the bumper and triggers the two front airbags. Meanwhile, the second crashes into a ditch by the roadside and jumps into the sky. It can’t be seen for a few seconds, but the moment the Nissan driver opens the door to get out, it falls from the sky and slams on the roof of the truck.

The force of this impact crumples the roof and appears to smash the windshield. Meanwhile, the truck continues to drive as if nothing had happened.

Fortunately, the driver of the Navara scurried away from the pickup after the second impact, apparently unharmed. If the second wheel had fallen just a foot to the right, it would have hit the man as he got off, seriously injured or even killed him.

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