The way forward for the basic automobile could possibly be brighter than we predict

With the electric car revolution kicking hard on our doors and the announcement of the ICE CREAM Prohibitions we have to face reality. We will no longer be able to drive our classic cars on the road sooner than we think. We may not be banned from driving, but gas stations are becoming scarce as the electric car market grows. It will be more difficult to fill a tank with lead-free than to fill a battery with electrons, even if it is the other way around nowadays.

Maybe we won’t enjoy the wonderful sound of a V8 under the hood, but we will still be able to drive our coupes, convertibles or muscle cars on the road. The solution is this EV Change. There are only a handful of options at the moment, most of them relating to the Tesla-made motors and battery packs. But more and more opportunities will follow over time.

EV Works started in 2011 in San Francisco with a conversion kit for the Mazda Miata. The complete kit then cost $ 13,500 with a lead-acid battery. With more powerful batteries, the price climbed to $ 18,500.

In Swindon, UK, a company called Swind has already started developing crate solutions for various vehicles. As expected, it started with a light vehicle like the original MINI from the 1960s. The result was a faster car than the original, but limited to 80 mph (128 km / h) as the donor car wasn’t designed for higher speeds.

GM has already started working on electrification through its Chevrolet Performance division. It developed the K5 Blazer and the Camaro with electric motors. The team working on this program started with standard components but went further and designed new pieces. The aim is to supply vehicles with up to 700 hp electric grunt. But of course you already know what an electric car can do with such tremendous power and, above all, with enormous torque.

Ford did not stop and also announced that it would introduce its first box motor called the Eluminator at the SEMA Show in 2021. His experience with electric cars is already known and the Mustang MachE is living proof. With this technology already researched, it’s no wonder the Blue Oval brand launches a crate motor that can hold at least 300 ponies to smoke the rear tires of a classic Mustang.

Stellantis, on the other hand, already has its electric drivetrains (but it doesn’t look like it will develop box motors), but Mopar might surprise us with something we can drop under the body of a charger. After all, they won’t be very happy when their historic vehicles are powered by their main competitors.

In addition to the car manufacturers, there are already other offers on the market from smaller companies that offer complete kits for vehicles. In addition, various stores have already started learning the process of converting an ICE car into an electric vehicle. They may not have the best results yet, but they can at least make a complete change. So if you want to be ahead of the tides, get yourself a grate bucket without a motor and head off with a proper restomod for tomorrow.

In addition, you will learn step by step in countless tutorials how to switch from ICE to EV. The basics are simple: remove the engine, plug in the engine and fill the trunk with batteries. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but with a little sweat and muscle, you can do it in your garage. All components are already on the market.

ZF, the large German transmission manufacturer, already offers a two-speed electric drive with 140 kW and a single speed with 150 kW. Another important supplier, Meritor, offers electric motors that can be coupled directly to a rigid axle with up to 200 kW and a wide range of gear ratios.

But you might want something that is more popular in the US market, like Dana, which offers a complete package of inverters and controls.

The biggest purchase of your parts bin is your battery when you want to go more than just around your driveway or further away than an extension cord. The good news is that the price for them has dropped dramatically. For now, expect a price below $ 150 /kWh Rechargeable battery, but you can also buy rechargeable batteries.

Last but not least, the inverters. This allows you to safely charge the vehicle, use regenerative braking and safe energy management. Again, their price will be a few cents compared to other parts, along with cables and wiring. In addition, a 17-year-old teenager carried out his project back in 2011.

So if your next project is a restomod, you can grab an empty shell for lunch and then get to work. In the end, you can get a stunning looking classic that can move silently and at a lower cost than a Tesla Model S plaid. The big question is, would you rather drive a muscle car or a silent muscle car? Let us know in the comments below. As for me, I know what color my Camaro should be …

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