This electrical Porsche 911 is the way forward for traditional vehicles

Porsche recently started to dive into the pure electric car market with its elegant and smooth-running Taycan models.

However, the future of their already established models is uncertain. How will the petrol-guzzling classics survive in these times of change, in which the urge for fully electric vehicles is becoming more and more present?

Well, YouTuber Sam from Seen Through Glass took a look at a very special Porsche 911. See how he gets his hands on a fully electric 911 conversion from Everrati, which is supposed to make our favorite classics future-proof.

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The Everatti 911Driven By Seen Through Glass

The idea of ​​a 911 driving around silently is a strange thought. The sound of an in-line six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine mounted directly behind the driver is the hallmark of Porsche.

However, Everatti took this 964 dispenser and gave it a makeover that will stand the test of time, regardless of what purists may think, there is still some fun to be had behind the wheel of this thing.

So what did they do to complete this Frankenstein resto mod? Well, it starts with the donor car being completely disassembled and built up from the chassis.

This process involves rusting any corrosion spots, adding reinforcements, and even replacing all of the panels with carbon fiber replicas. However, the Everatti team are not EV nerds, but real drivers who have experience with McLaren and Jaguar.

To power it, the car has a brand new 53 kWh battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control that transfers 500 horsepower to the rear wheels – far more than the standard 964 would have ever hoped for!

Future-proof an icon

Everatii Porsche 911 964 electrical conversion interior

The result of their work is a car with the same weight as the version with a combustion engine and a weight distribution of 60:40. All without the same maintenance effort as a standard 964 Porsche.

Additionally, they’ve improved the inside to give it a future proof makeover. However, they haven’t completely lost the sense of the car and have upgraded it so that it still feels like an old Porsche, but with many modern conveniences.

The instrument cluster now houses displays for battery temperature and range, and the infotainment system corresponds to that of the new Porsche models, which Apple Car Play runs and has Bluetooth connectivity.

The seats and steering wheel have been reupholstered in leather and Alcantara, and the seats are now also heated. To overcome the quiet factor, they built in Sports Active Sound, the same system used by AMG and BMW to pump artificial sound into the cabin.

What Everatti has been doing here is essentially building a classic car that you can drive on a daily basis for years. It drives and feels like an old car, the only difference is you have instant torque under your right foot.

The EV revolution is changing the automotive world. And companies like Evaratti are working to bring the experience of classic cars that we have learned to love into the future. The only downside for now is the price. At £ 250,000 ($ 345,000), it’s far from being an option for most.

What is important here, however, is that someone has started efforts to keep iconic cars on the road for the foreseeable future.

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