Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI receives JDM rendering makeover based mostly on Rocket Bunny Equipment

The Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI is about to be phased out in America. With Euro spec Mk8s reviews being released even before the 2022 model debuts, we’re actually starting to miss the old hot hatch, and this rendering reminds us why.

The GTI is popular with tuners around the world, but it has to be admitted that America has done more with the Mk7 than any other generation. The SEMA Show featured many of these pandemic widebody kits creating an inconvenient but really cool GDM monster.

GMD, short for German Domestic Market … instead of Japanese. Got it? Bad joke, but it’s hard to ignore the Supra-esque tuning attention to the hatchback body, which used to start at $ 20,000. We’re talking about the 1.4T, not the GTI.

In any case, the Pandem GTI works for one reason alone: ​​The Mk7 was available as a 3-door, which means that the rear fender flares could take up a whole quarter of the vehicle’s length. So for around $ 3,900 (plus the car), you could have a compact car as wide as a muscle car.

This next digital creation has the most pandemic elements in it. Artist John Design created similar skirts and spoilers. However, its GTI goes beyond that by installing carbon fiber lower aerodynamics similar to some Lamborghini kits.

And of course it has to have a full roll cage, oversized wheels, and sagging suspension. Another important difference from the Pandem setup is that this targets the 5-door model, which is more common. Sure, the rear doors can no longer be used, but there is a roll cage where the seat used to be.

Believe it or not, a Mk7 GTI of this caliber was actually built. The German tuner and YouTuber JP Performance has built a widebody Golf that he has given a whole Phaeton engine. It was mounted lengthways and tuned to around 1000 hp.

Of course, when we talk about European models, a lot more happens. America has never seen a W12 powered Golf (concept) and will not try GTI Clubsport even though it would be such a big rival to the Civic Type R.

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