Volkswagen ID.Four AWD 2022 begins at $ 43,675, 249 miles of vary

Volkswagen of America has announced prices and trim levels for the dual-engine AWD version of its first all-electric crossover ID.4. Starting at $ 43,675 before target fee or federal tax incentives, the company boasts that it’s the cheapest all-wheel-drive electric vehicle on the market.

Together with the drive of the two front wheels, the additional motor helps the ID.4 AWD to achieve 295 hp or an additional 94 hp compared to the RWD model. Thanks to the additional grunt, the ID.4 AWD Pro can accelerate to 100 mph in a lively 5.7 seconds.

The additional motor also helps increase the trailer load of the ID.4 from 2,200 lbs to 2,700 lbs on the RWD model. As a result, it comes with a standard tow bar. However, the range is affected a bit by the extra performance. The ID.4 AWD Pro comes with an EPA estimated range of 240 miles, while the AWD Pro S will receive 249 miles, a small decrease compared to the RWD 1st Edition model, which has 250 miles of range, although it does cheapest of all pro trims can travel 260 miles on one charge. All share a common 77 kWh (net) battery.

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“We are committed to making electric vehicles the standard choice for Americans,” said Scott Keogh, President and CEO of Volkswagen of America. “The all-wheel drive ID.4 combines the useful and emission-free driving of the rear-wheel drive vehicle with the performance of our sporty vehicles.”

Keogh doesn’t blow smoke there either. Since the engines have no physical connection, they are managed by the VW Vehicles Dynamics Manager, which, together with the electronic stability control and the brake-based XDS + differential system, ensures that all four wheels work in harmony. Except for the adaptive dampers and a few visual changes, this feels like a restrained ID.4 GTX.

A selection of driving modes will also be a further aid to performance. In addition to Sport, Comfort, Eco and Custom, there is also a traction mode that is only intended for speeds of up to 19 km / h and helps you to find your feet on loose surfaces.

The ID.4 AWD Pro will be the lowest spec, and pricing will start at $ 43,675 ($ 44,870 with destination). The ID.4 AWD Pro S starts at $ 48,175 ($ 49,370 with destination) and an optional Gradient Package (exclusive to the Pro S) adds 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels and other design differentiations like the Price had not been sketched yet. These prices do not include the current $ 7,500 federal tax credit that the ID.4 is eligible for. The ID.4 AWD should find its way to the dealers in the fourth quarter of 2021 and reservations can be made via the VW website.

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