Volvo C40 electrical car preview charging

The C40 comes with a 78 kWh battery and two motors – one drives the front wheels, the other drives the rear. We saw a similar drivetrain on the Polestar 2 and found that it offers powerful acceleration.

However, there are significant differences between the two vehicles. The Polestar is sold through dedicated showrooms, while the Volvo must be ordered online. The Polestar also has sporty tuning options that the Volvo doesn’t, and the Volvo is built in Belgium while the Polestar is built in China.

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t have an estimate of the range of the C40 yet, but we expect it to be somewhere between the 208 miles of the XC40 Recharge and the 233 miles of the Polestar 2. Volvo also says that each C40 will be able to receive Over-the-Air (OTA) updates that will further improve its performance after the vehicle is sold, including the ability to increase range. The Polestar 2 shares the same OTA capabilities and has received an update since its launch which, according to Polestar, gradually increases the range of the 2. However, the estimate of EPA coverage has not changed.

Volvo says it will offer 250 kWh of free charging through Electrify America’s nationwide network of fast electric vehicle chargers. Don’t get confused: The 250 kWh have to be used within three years, but not three years of free charging! According to our estimates, this is only about three full charges, which translates to about 700 miles of travel. After that, Volvo is offering a discounted price on Electrify America chargers.

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