Volvo plug-in hybrids examined; Volvo and Porsche Forge Large Battery Plans: At present’s Automobile Information

Volvo announces a large battery factory for Europe. We bring you a drive from the XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrid and think about its connection to a future fully electric XC90. And Porsche is in the battery business. This and more here at Green Car Reports.

With Volvo’s plan to introduce electric vehicles, the Volvo XC90 Recharge will serve as a link to the future in 2021. In one trip we thought about how well it fulfilled that role with a test of its all-electric (well mostly all-electric) experience.

Volvo also made a big battery announcement yesterday. Together with the Swedish company Northvolt, a 50-gigawatt battery factory is to be built that can supply cells for around 500,000 electric vehicles per year. The carmaker plans to make 50% of its vehicle sales purely electric by the middle of the decade, and only electric cars from 2030.

Porsche announced that it will manufacture its own battery cells for electric cars – through a partnership with the battery company Customcells. Porsche’s work would focus on cells with a higher heat tolerance, initially for racing use.

Over at The Car Connection, you can find a review of another Volvo plug-in hybrid, the XC60 Recharge. Size and price are closer to the middle of the luxury market, the XC60 Recharge represents an evolutionary bridge crossed by the Swedish brand.


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